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Communities are the Future
(Btw We Have A DeLorean)

We elevate brands by merging the art of community building and the science of operations with foundational setup, cutting-edge strategies, and continuous testing and iteration.


Unsophisticated copywriting

If your ads or landers lead with vague, non-specific claims like “support your mood”, “promote better sleep”, “boost immunity” etc. kiss your growth good buy.

Although it might be what your product solves - if you communicate the value without relatable storytelling you’ll struggle with low conversions.


Outdated paid media strategies

I’ve personally audited a little over 100 ad accounts in 2022 and a lot of them were still spreading themselves too thin i.e. running 20+ campaigns with $30/day budgets and split testing creative with more than 2 unknown variables or targeting tiny interest audiences.

That stuff doesn’t work…


Lack of landing page split testing.

You might be already split testing things like a headline or CTA color or carousel images - but chances are they drive 5-10% increments.

This is great, however, you don’t have a clear action plan for doubling your CR and halving your CPA.


Media buyer is out of sync with the creative department.

That can cost you hundreds of thousands in lost opportunity as you’re constantly throwing spagetting at the wall hoping it will stick and not making any data-driven conclusions out of those tests.

Fundamentally - that approach breaches the definition of a system, as it can’t function without a proper feedback loop.

There are Only 5 Reasons Why You’d Want to Work With a Team Like Us:

You Want to Make Your Existing Community Work For Your Business

Success looks different for every brand.

It might mean more upsells to your high-ticket offer.

It might mean better engagement.

Or increasing LTV for your SaaS product.

Whatever your business needs, there is a way to use the community leverage to get it.

You Want to Successfully Launch a New Community

You might recognize the power of the community and look to building your own space — but you’re unsure about how to do it properly.

Should you just create a Discord server?

Or set up a content platform?

How to structure all this and make your members talk and engage?

We know how to start the community off on the right foot.

You Want to Outsource the Management and Free Up Your Time

We know that community building & management is a looot of work.

So if you feel that you’ve reached your limit and are drowning in day-to-day operations instead of moving things forward, we’re here to help.

We don’t just take the management off your hands.

We simplify and systemize it so we both have less work to do.

You Want to Grow Your Community to Thousands of Paying Members

We know what it takes to build a real community where people stay for more than a year.

So if you’re serious about building your community but don’t know how to grow it, look no further.

A large, thriving, and profitable community means good numbers (sign-ups, plan upgrades, retention). We know what to do with people to make these numbers grow.

You Want to Build an Engaged Tribe Around Your Brand

You have a clear vision for what you want to achieve with your brand, and you want to build a real community where people actually care

You have a clear & ambitious vision for your brand.

You also know that there are people who share this vision with you.

We can help you create a genuine movement of interconnected people with a common goal.Because you know that community is much more than a group chat.

Here’s the Good News:

We've taken everything we learned about community building while working with many brands and turned it into a new approach: T.R.I.B.E.S. Framework

What is a T.R.I.B.E.S. Framework?


Community Strategy

People don’t stay in your community or buy more from you because they’re there.

Your goal is to make them believe in what you believe and make your community a habitual part of their life.

Community Strategy Includes:

Content Strategy

Memetics Strategy

Live Events Strategy

Core Community Habits

Retention & Upsell Strategy

Engagement & Gamification Strategy

Positioning and Common Purpose

All of them are equally important and are being used across numerous touchpoints in your community, such as daily prompts, events, copy, and engagement


Old Way

Little to no strategy, just random spaces and channels

Old Result

Low engagement, low retention, little-to-no growth

New Way

Dig deep into your audience’s pains, desires, and needs with in-depth research that leads to a clear picture of what exactly your customers need to see results

New Results

Better strategy → better engagement → better customers results → they stay forever with you and use all the products and services from your ecosystem


Old Way

Just copying your competitors’ offer and brand, you stand out because of your features

Old Result

Your customers are joining 10s of communities and cancel yours as soon as they find a more valuable place

New Way

Strong brand and offer that speaks directly to your tribe

New Results

Customers are sucked into the new reality and rave about your brand


Branding & Offer

You no longer can create yet another “Hustlers University” or “Lead Gen Community” and hope to scale your brand.

With more and more competitors entering the market, your brand will vanish as soon as a stronger competitor arrives.

Your brand and offer are a moat around your castle

Brand Development & Offer Creation Includes:

In-depth market study of your customer, your competitors, and stakeholders

4 in-depth calls that come with in-depth homework for research and nailing down the value proposition

Development of all the core brand assets such as logo and templates for future use

Finding partners and Ambassadors


Foundational Setup

We help you to develop your community platforms and make sure everything is easy to use and connected to each other

The foundational setup includes:

Developing a Lean Onboarding Process

Finding the right content platform for your audience or restructuring your existing platform to make it easy to use and navigate

Setting up the engagement platform or restructuring your current one to maximize engagement

Create a community landing page and connect it with a checkout

Automate the backend with our custom interfaces

Old Way

Unclear onboarding, zero-to-none structure, everything is all over the place

Old Result

Customers get lost, overwhelmed, and not getting results from what you teach them

New Way

Lean structure and onboarding, everything is easy to manage and track, both team and customers understand what exactly they need to do and where to find things

New Results

Less management time, more engagement from the beginning, community members are excited about your product and get results faster


Old Way

Unclear onboarding, zero-to-none structure, everything is all over the place

Old Result

Customers get lost, overwhelmed, and not getting results from what you teach them

New Way

Lean structure and onboarding, everything is easy to manage and track, both team and customers understand what exactly they need to do and where to find things

New Results

Less management time, more engagement from the beginning, community members are excited about your product and get results faster


Old Way

Zero-to-no structure, no consistency, no easy way to manage your community

Old Result

Low engagement and retention, low LTV, no upsells

New Way

Lean and easy-to-follow structure, every mini-strategy is implemented and tested

New Results

High engagement, high retention, customers are raving about your community


Lean Operations Development

When it comes to systematization and operations, there are very few people can compete with us.

We adopt our existing systems and develop new ones for your specific case and either train our team, or lead yours.

This includes:

Proven systems that we used across all our successful communities

New systems and SOPs for your niche

Easy-to-follow organizational structure

Team training & management


Community (Re)-Launch

No matter if you have a community already or starting a new one, running a successful launch will make a huge difference

So we help you to:

Develop launch strategy

Find the founding members who will be the driving force for your community for months and even years to come

Orchestrate the launch and maximize the results


Old Way

No hype campaign for a massive rebrand or a new community, no scarcity, no reason to join now

Old Result

Few people join and forget about your community because you always need new blood

New Way

Run a successful launch to engage people from the beginning, form founding members, and maximize growth

New Results

A successful 5-6 figure launch that adds people who will be the foundation for growth in the future


Old Way

No optimization and testing, you’re doing what you’ve been doing for months

Old Result

Your competitors are overgrowing you by being the first in your niche, community members are leaving and you barely break even

New Way

Cutting-edge strategies and continuous testing

New Results

Retention and engagement is high, people are happily investing more in your products and services


Community Growth

Once you have your community MVP, it’s time to focus on real growth.

This includes numerous strategies that we’ve been implementing for months for other brands and your favorite communities:

Optimizing the funnel

Running winning promotions and challenge funnels

Developing “Paths to Success” for your members to maximize their results

Creating a real brand outside of the community

New weekly strategies to maximize engagement, retention, LTV, and upsells

Incentivize contribution so that you don’t need to always be there

And much, much more…

When it comes to growth and optimization, “We do what makes sense”

Meaning, we always analyzing the situation and finding new ways to maximize performance & growth.

We Don’t Rely on Specific Platforms or Tactics

We always find new ways to run stronger, more efficient communities.

We invent, adapt, and grow. (Fast.)

If Discord drops a cool new feature…Or your community platform completely relaunches…

We will find new ways to maximize the community performance.
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How Our Approach is Different

In order to qualify you must have strong foundations.

So if you’re ready to grow fast with proven strategies - go ahead and apply for a call right now.

Old Way

How We Don't Work

Superficial Copywriting with Vague “Feel Good” Claims.

Run Ads to a Product Page w/o Any Special Offers or Upsells.

Source Creators, Write Storyboards & Scripts, Hire and Manage Video Editors and Graphic Designers In-House.

Create 20 Campaigns with Low Budgets w/o a Structure. Spread Yourself too Thin.

Split Test PDP’s Top Bars, CTA Colors, and Trust Badges. Focus on Tactics.

Old Resuts

What Results You Don't Get

Low Conversions and Short Lifespan of Creatives.

No Real Incentive for New Customers to Try Out Your Products.

Wearing too Many Hats, Slow Turnaround Time, Dealing with Project mgmt, High Overhead.

Poorly Informed Media Buying Decisions. Ads Fatigue in a Matter of Days. 0 scale.

Get 5%-10% Incremental Lifts.

New Way

How We Work

Dig Deep into Niche Forums and Interview 10-20 Customers Over the Phone to Draw a Vivid Picture of Customers’ Beliefs System.

Identify the SKUs with the Best Contribution Margin and Build Offer-Specific Funnels for New Customers, Set Up an Extensive Upsell and Downsell Sequence.

Get Access to our Creative Flywheel Software and Automate Every Process of Your Performance Creative Production.

Consolidate Campaigns in the Ad Account. Separate Creative Testing from Core Prospecting Campaigns and Set Reasonable Budgets to Achieve Statistical Significance.

Implement CRO Best Practices for the Product Pages and Focus on Split Testing Advertorials.

New Results

What Results You Get

Better copy → Better creatives → Better Estimated Action rate on Meta by Producing Content that People Enjoy Watching → Virtuous Cycle Where You Get Better and Better results.

Improve AOV by 15-25% Overnight and Boost ROAS.

Halve the Lead Time, Double the Output, and Free Up Your Time to Focus on Ops, Product Dev, and Logistics.

Make Better Decisions with Clean and Reliable Data. Get out of the Learning Phase and Scale Confidently.

Personalized Direct Response Landing Pages for Each Offer, Demographic, and Timing of the Year - that can Double the EPS and Multiply the Horizontal Scale.

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What Others Say About Us

Case Studies

Look How Our Partners are Thriving

How We Grow 7+ Figure Communities

Wiz of Ecom
@wizofecom, Founder of Utopia

90%+ Retention Rate with 4,500+ Members

Niche: Make Money Online

Timeframe: 14 months

Life before working with Iren for Utopia has been one of the most difficult challenges I've come across.

I can wholeheartedly say that building a community of engaged people who believe in what you believe is one of the most difficult challenges in this space.

The reason for that is that you have to have a healthy balance of value, new content being added, engaging with your members, making sure that they want to post value, feel included, they are being held accountable, and at the same time making sure that their experience isn't heart.

Being able to juggle all of these is what really creates strong retention rate.

And that retention for was way too fluctuated. It was volatile every single month. However since Iren has come on board, there been consistent improvement of our retention rate month over month because of one main reason.Iren is a thinker, she is a problem solver, she figures out new strategies I would of never thought about.

The honest truth is that now life is peaceful.

We have 4,550 members but I have to do less work than ever.
I can focus on my main priority which is the marketing side.

Iren has become more than just a community manager.

She's a community strategist. She's the orchestrator behind the scenes. She's making sure that everything in the community is working beautifully.

It is smooth as one can imagine.

I'm totally obsessed with every idea that she brings.

She has no ego when it comes to me declining her ideas.

She comes to me with logical reasoning of why she thinks her ideas will work and this is why Utopia's retention has consistently improved.

I've worked with countless of community managers and the honest truth is that most of these community managers are not thinkers. They don't try to figure out problems and try to solve that problems.

Iren comes to me on a bi-weekly basis and asks about our priorities and we figure out the path for the next sprint.

She comes to me with ideas because she sees holes and the flaws inside Utopia.

And there always will be holes and flaws. And Iren is always on her toes ready to show these problems and come up with exceptional solutions.

If someone hasn't pulled the trigger to hire Iren's agency it's a foolish descision.

The ROI that's coming back is absurd. In short timeframe, I've been able to get all of my money back and more as well as an amazing individual on the team who can lead other people

If you're actually serious about your community, scale this, if you want to improve LTV for whatever your brand is, it can be a personal brand, it can be a SaaS brand, ecom brand, and if you haven't worked with Iren yet, I highly recommend it.

JK Molina

What Others are Saying

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Book a call below to see if we're a good fit.

This is What You Get in a Nutshell:

We usually don’t promise “growth by X%” per month or a number of systems we develop per week.

We do what makes the most sense (at any given moment).

But this is what you can expect by working with us:


Community Growth & Optimization

Communities are fragile because it’s a business where people are the main asset.

So we constantly audit communities and find new ways to make them work for your business

Drive Upsells

Increase LTV

Optimize Engagement and Retention

Maximize Growth


Community Management

We help you manage operations and integrate new & proven strategies into your team (if you have one).

Systems Execution

Live & Notion Trainings

DM Support for Strategies and Systems

And generally… everything it takes to make it work


Community Leadership

We give you personalized recommendations and different ways to help you lead your community more efficiently

How to Engage with Your Tribe

How to Host Engaging Calls in Different Ways

How to Help Your Customers and Make Them Do the Work


Strategy Sessions & Quick Responses

We try to support our clients the best way possible, so we make sure to solve problems and get back to you as soon as possible

Dedicated Success Manager

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Quick Responses Tailored to Your Needs

This is How Working Together Will Look Like


A Team of Thinkers and Problem Solvers

This is not community management.

If it were management, I wouldn’t sell it.

This is community growth.

Sending announcements and providing support is just 1% of the things we do. We are here to develop & implement solutions.


Personalized Approach

Although we rely on what has proven to work for other brands, we always look at your brand holistically and figure out what works specifically for you and your community.

Every tribe is different. Its people are different.

Testing, iteration, and innovation are a must for growth.



If we see a space for improvement or found a better strategy — we will give it to you.

We give it our all to the brands we work with, and we’re striving for a common purpose: maximizing your community and brand's success

No Fs

No F. Given Policy

We don’t sugarcoat things.

We tell it like it is.

We don’t hide bad results, we fix them.When something doesn’t work, we will tell you about it and find a solution.

Are We a Good Fit?

There are certain things we're looking for in brands we bring the most results

Good Fit

Who We Work With

Thinking in long-term

Have a clear vision for your brand or ready to develop it

Love building products with meaning & impact

Ready for your ideas to be rejected

Not a Good Fit

Who We Don't Work With


Slow Movers with Slow Feedback

Founders not ready to scale past X

People are not ready to learn new systems and adapt

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Got a Question?
We Got Answers

Why Should I Build A Community?

Good question. We personally believe that the era of community-based products has arrived.

Every brand needs to find and connect with their tribe to succeed in today’s market.

You can get some quick results if you send more DMs or emails, or just promote your offer on social media, but the community will help you to do it on autopilot and scale indefinitely.

What’s the Cost and Time Commitment?

It depends on the package you will choose.

Minimum 3 months.

If you just want to test the waters, we have a lower-ticket offer for you to help you get clients for your offer and product.

Apply to chat about it.

Who Do You Work With?

Our strategies are niche- and brand-agnostic.

It will work with you if you are a personal brand, coach, consultant, have an agency, SaaS or an ecom store.

Why Don’t You Grow Your Own Community?

Iren doesn’t have that big of an audience right now, so for me it doesn’t make sense. We will do it for sure in the future.

What Results Can We Expect and What Does the Timeline Look Like?

The setup phase usually take 1-1.5 months, however we will find low-hanging fruits to work on so that you can start seeing first results in 1-2 weeks.

What Key Performance Metrics are We Impacting?

In short, it’s engagement, retention, LTV, and Growth

What if it Doesn’t Work?

We’re not bringing on people if we think we won’t be able to help.

This is why you will need to qualify. There is no room for any doubt. Book a call to apply.

Do You Have a Lower Ticket Offer?

We understand that communities require a long-term commitment.

So we recently launched a new offer to help you get some quick results fast:

Get clients for your high-ticket offer

Get more customers for your productIt’s not that expensive and can be a great start if you’re just testing the ground.

Not Ready to Build Your Community?

We understand that communities require long-term commitment.

So we recently launched a new offer to help you get some quick results fast:

Get clients for your high-ticket offer

Get more customers for your productIt’s not that expensive and can be a great start if you’re just testing the ground.

Apply to work with us below to see if we can help: